The cannabis industry was created by a social grassroots movement and that movement continues. There are many avenues for cannabis advocacy from legalization to reparations to innovation. Below is a short list of local and national cannabis advocacy organizations. Join the call to action!


  • Last Prisoner Project
    • The Last Prisoner Project was founded in 2019 out of the belief that no one should remain incarcerated or suffer the collateral consequences of offenses that are now legal.
  • Marijuana Policy Project
    • MPP’s mission is to change federal law to allow states to determine their own cannabis policies without federal interference, to allow the medical use of cannabis in all 50 states and U.S. territories, and to legalize cannabis for adults.
  • M4MM
    • Minorities for Medical Marijuana is committed to cultivating a culturally inclusive environment and providing information, referrals, advocacy, coordination and education regarding cannabis legislation, events, activities, initiatives and discussions. 
  • National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)
    • NORML’s mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults, and to serve as an advocate for consumers to assure they have access to high quality marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable.
  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy
    • Students for Sensible Drug Policy is a grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact of drug misuse on our communities, but who also know that the “War on Drugs” is failing our generation and our society. 
  • Veterans Cannabis Project 
    • Veterans Cannabis Project is dedicated to improving U.S. military veterans’ quality of life through the opportunity of cannabis. 
  • Women Grow
    • Women Grow serves as a catalyst for women to influence and succeed in the cannabis industry as the end of marijuana prohibition occurs on a global scale.


  • Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey (CMMNJ)
    • CMMNJ works to bring about safe and legal access to medical marijuana for New Jersey patients who are under the care of licensed physicians and nurse practitioners.
  • Sativa Cross
    • Sativa Cross advocates for cannabis patient’s rights and is devoted to providing safe and affordable access to medical cannabis.