Team Canna


Monica Werkheiser

Head of Operations

Dr. Monica Werkheiser, Pharm D, is an accomplished pharmacist with expertise in multiple facets of cannabis dispensary operations. Having led the launch of dispensaries from the ground up, as General Manager for three Pennsylvania dispensaries, she orchestrated all aspects of the business, yielding record-breaking sales.  Monica has also emerged as a pioneering advocate for medical cannabis patients.  Having conducted over 2,000 consultations with medical patients, she has gained invaluable firsthand knowledge of cannabis as a medicine, making her a sought-after expert for cannabis events and national conferences. Her significant impact is also reflected by her successful advocacy, which added anxiety to the Pennsylvania medical program, leading to the most significant increase in patient access.

Joan Guadagnino

Head of Business Development

Joan is a trailblazing figure in the cannabis industry. As a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer of Pennsylvania’s first medical marijuana dispensary, she helped lay the groundwork for the industry’s growth and success before guiding the business through a successful acquisition in 2021. Her visionary leadership extended to being a founding member of Pennsylvania’s Cannabis Trade Association, while her wealth of experience and expertise also encompasses areas such as relationship-building and startup mentorship. With an unwavering passion for community outreach, Joan always finds the time to give back and has been honored for her contributions. She is an invaluable resource for Canna Remedies as she remains dedicated to driving growth, innovation, and community engagement for the cannabis industry at large.

Lisa Rosen

Head of Compliance

Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge from her 15-year tenure at The Bank of New York Mellon, where she ascended to the prestigious position of Managing Director of relationship management and client support services. Her expertise includes designing and overseeing compliance programs and ensuring strict adherence to federal and state legal and regulatory securities requirements. Lisa has also held pivotal roles at New York law and investment firms, specializing in state securities and corporate law. In addition, she devoted over two decades to founding and serving as a Board member and Co-President of the non-profit A-T Ease Foundation, Inc., focused on finding treatments and a cure for Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T), a rare genetic disorder impacting children.

Victor Guadagnino

Head of Strategic Planning

Victor is a distinguished leader in cannabis business and education who was honored in 2021’s “40 under 40” list by Marijuana Venture Magazine. His pioneering role in Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis market began as a founding member of the state’s first dispensary and Pennsylvania’s Cannabis Trade Association, where he also served as the Dispensary Chair. Victor’s quest for innovation created an award-winning brand, securing the first-ever CLIO Advertising Award for Cannabis Advocacy. His tenure as the first and longest-standing buyer in the Pennsylvania market is a testament to his enduring dedication to supply chain dynamics. His profound grasp of product and inventory planning and handling vendor and supply interactions afford him unparalleled insight into the ever-evolving cannabis industry landscape. Victor continues to leverage his expertise to navigate and shape the industry’s future.

Jessica Collazo

Senior Manager of Operations & Strategy

Jessica is a seasoned strategist with experience and expertise in event planning, community outreach, marketing, and business operations. Her passion lies in transforming the dialogue around cannabis and creating meaningful change in local communities. Her dedication to fostering positive connections between the cannabis industry and local communities is evident in her work. Previously, Jessica was a Business Operations Manager for three Pennsylvania dispensaries, spearheading all their community outreach efforts.  At Canna Remedies, she plays a pivotal role in a multitude of projects from conception to completion. She works closely with the executive team, ensuring continued growth and development of our business.

Patricia Gregory

Outside General Counsel

Pat is a real estate and regulatory specialist whose expertise encompasses synthesizing complex regulations, negotiating deals, and structuring transactions and contracts which memorialize them. Her regulatory acumen is critical in organizational structuring, effective real estate scouting, establishing essential local relationships with municipal authorities, and meticulous compliance implementation. Pat led Pennsylvania’s first medical marijuana dispensary’s successful efforts to open three dispensaries in three years. With her guidance, Canna Remedies strives to navigate regulations and real estate intricacies to ensure their commitment to excellence and long-term success.


Larry Pachter

Acting Chief Financial Officer

Larry is an invaluable repository of business and financial expertise, capable of providing comprehensive guidance throughout the entire business lifecycle. His pivotal leadership as the chief negotiator in selling the Pennsylvania dispensaries resulted in one of the highest valuations recorded for a three-store dispensary group. From assessing early-stage market prospects to crafting organizational structures offering ongoing financial advisory support for operational excellence and even strategizing exit plans, Larry possesses a diverse skill set that covers it all. With Larry’s unparalleled oversight, Canna Remedies is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the cannabis industry and make informed, strategic decisions at every stage of our journey.

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