Cannabis vapes typically refer to a cartridge or tank containing a concentrated form of cannabis oil, extracted using various methods, such as CO2 extraction or solvent-based extraction, attached to a vaporizer for inhalation purposes. The oil often contains a high concentration of cannabinoids (50-90%) and terpenes (3-10%). 

Vapes allow for precise temperature control, providing users with the ability to control and customize their experience depending on the type and style. When inhaling cannabis you can expect a quick acting onset of effects (1 min-5 mins) with a moderate duration (2-4 hours). Making it great for those who need some quick relief from the daily grind.

Marijuana buds with a THC oil concentrate filled vape pen

Cannabis cartridges are the most prevalent and quickly becoming one of the more popular cannabis products.  Cannabis cartridges come in a variety of strains, each with its unique cannabinoid and terpene profile. This allows consumers to choose products based on their desired effects or flavor preferences. Cartridges require a 510-thread or ego battery with a 2.8-3.6 voltage range. When activated, the heating element vaporizes the cannabis oil, allowing users to inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece. Vape pens are pre-filled and ready to use, making them a convenient option for on-the-go consumption. Pods are similar to cartridges in that they require a rechargeable battery, and are made up of a heating element,  mouthpiece, and oil reservoir. However, pod-based vaporizers feature advanced airflow technology, a leak-proof design and premium materials for a smooth vaping experience. As well, pod batteries are proprietary to their pod system. They are typically rechargeable and intended for long-term use with many brands offering a manufacturer’s warranty to guarantee the longevity of the product.