Puff, puff, pass is more than just a movie or song lyric. It’s the unwritten code of most smoke circles, ensuring you are being respectful to your fellow smokers and giving every participant a chance to get high and enjoy the group smoke session.

Cannabis etiquette is fairly important when social smoking. It’s not only as a sign of respect, but it’s also about making sure people feel safe and comfortable when consuming. So, to make sure smoking in a social setting is enjoyable for all, here are a few pointers for your next smoke sesh:

  • Ask Before You Consume.
    Not everyone may be comfortable with or interested in participating so ask before you consume. Be mindful of others around you who may not want to smell or inhale the smoke. If someone doesn’t want to smoke, respect their decision and don’t pressure them into it. 
  • Respect House Rules.
    Some hosts may have designated smoking areas or preferences regarding where cannabis can be consumed, so make sure to check with the host before lighting up. 
  • Roller’s Rights.
    It’s customary that the one rolling the joint or packing a pipe be the first one to light it up and take the initial toke. Doing this shows respect.
  • Sharing is Caring.
    Sharing your weed with friends is standard weed etiquette. However, don’t be greedy. If you are always smoking your friend’s weed, offer to throw them some cash for using their stash. 
  • Puff. Puff. Pass.
    Don’t be a bogart. Only take one or two hits then pass it along. Anything more and you will be called out for hogging the weed and slowing down the rotation.
  • Pass the Dutchie to the Left Hand Side.
    It’s tradition and proper weed etiquette to pass the joint or pipe in a clockwise direction or to the left. And if you’re just not feeling it at that time, continue to pass the joint or bong around. Don’t hold onto something that is burning. It’s wasteful.  
  • Ash Before You Pass.
    Before passing the joint to the next person, make sure to ash it to avoid any loose bits falling onto their lap or clothes.
  • Nobody Likes a Soggy Smoker.
    Be intentional when smoking and avoid touching your lips or tongue to the joint or pipe. Keep your lips pursed, and don’t let your inner lips or tongue make contact and don’t stick your tongue down the bowl of a bong—that’s just nasty! It’s also good practice to clean the bong before passing it. Just a courtesy wipe of the mouthpiece, and you’re good to pass. 
  • Ask Before You Toss.
    When you’re sharing a cannabis vape or a bowl of weed, it’s important to be aware of what everyone else wants. Do not get rid of something before asking everyone if they’d like the rest of it, it’s considered rude. 
  • Keep it Clean.
    Keep your ash and roaches from lying around, and make it a habit to dispose of them properly. If you’re going to share it with friends, do the right thing and make sure they’re not getting high off moldy water. Give anything you plan to share with others a good scrub before you head out. 
  • Keep Your Germs to Yourself.
    Avoid sharing with others if you feel under the weather or have a cold. 
  • Practice Responsible Dosing.
    If you’re consuming cannabis edibles or concentrates, be mindful of the dosage. Clearly communicate the potency to others and avoid overconsumption, especially if you’re not familiar with the product.