When you talk about cannabis, flower is the first thought that comes to most people’s mind which is also why it is the most commonly used form. Flower can be used in numerous ways including smoking, vaping, and cooking and is the start for all cannabis products sold in the dispensary. 

The most common way to use cannabis flower is by inhalation either smoking or vaporizing. Inhaling flower makes for a quick acting and potent effect. It is good for beginners all the way to experienced consumers. Smoking flower is the most familiar way to consume cannabis and pre-rolled joints are becoming the preferred method for those new to smoking or those who seek convenience. We encourage consumers from a wellness point of view to explore vaporizing flower as it is healthier than smoking it and gives a smoother taste. Vaporizing flower, since it does not burn the flower, allows for the flower’s terpene profile and strain identity to be preserved. There are different devices available for vaporizing cannabis from tabletop units like a Volcano to handheld devices such as PAX or DynaVap.

Flower and joints

No matter if you’re smoking or vaping, flower needs to be ground and packed into a device like a bowl, bong, one hitter, or vaporizer or rolled into paper. See “Rolling the Perfect Joint” When inhaling cannabis you can expect a quick acting onset of effects (1 min-5 mins) with a moderate duration (2-4 hours). Making it great for those who need some quick relief from the daily grind. 

Flower can range from 7% to 36% in total cannabinoid potency which is broken down into different ratios or chemotypes marked as “High THC, Low CBD,” “Moderate THC,” “Moderate CBD,” or “Low THC, High CBD”. 

Flower can have a wide variety of effects from energetic to sedating. The most prevalent types of flower are THC dominant strains which are good for sleep, soothing the body, and mood modulation. Moderately ratioed products provide soothing effects on the body and mood. CBD dominant strains can be very good at calming the body and nerves while providing a clearer head space. Flower offers the most robust terpene profile out of any form and as such the user gets a full expression of the strain effects including promoting wakefulness, attention focusing, increase in sociability, thought quieting, restfulness, or even an uptick in libido. 


Pre-roll refers to a ready-made joint/cannabis cigarette filled with ground cannabis flower. Whether new to cannabis, short on supplies, or don’t want to bother with learning the art of rolling, pre-rolls offer consumers of all skill levels a simple and effective solution. Pre-rolls are available in various strains and sizes, and can be infused with kief or extracted cannabis oil to achieve higher THC or CBD potency levels. 

Pre-rolls also contain varying quality of cannabis including:

  • Trim – the clippings of a cannabis plant containing sugar leaves, tiny cannabis buds, and plant trichomes
  • Shake –  tiny pieces of cannabis flower that fall off larger buds
  • Whole flower (bud) – the classic piece of harvested cannabis 

Moon Rocks/Caviar 

Moon rocks are a potent weed concoction made by coating cannabis buds with extracted cannabis oil and rolling them in kief. The term moon rocks is often interchangeably used with caviar as they both refer to cannabis infused with cannabis extracts and oil. The term Caviar was intended to represent a higher class moon rock created by infusing cannabis buds with THC-A crystals, then, with some terpene-rich oil, allowing it to dry for several days to create a sparkling crystalline appearance. These products boast unprecedented levels of THC, giving you a potent and unique experience.